Frequently asked questions

My fee is 130 CHF for 50 minutes sessions. 

I have a limited number of openings for sliding scale prices if you are unable to pay the regular fee. People who are unemployed, students, or otherwise financially struggling are especially encouraged to inquire.  

It depends on each individual. You are free to decide when you want to terminate. However, I recommend at least 3 months of commitment. 

Once a week is recommended, especially at the beginning. After a little bit, we can discuss biweekly. 

Yes absolutely. Confidentiality is the most important factor to create a trusting relationship. There are some limits to confidentiality that I will discuss with you during our first session.

 Yes partial reimbursement is possible with certain complementary insurances. Please check with your provider directly by mentioning my name and ASCA number (F246464) as this is subject to change. 

Yes there is a difference. It is mainly based on the title and educational path. A psychologist/psychotherapist in Switzerland has a Master’s degree or Doctorate and has gone through the Swiss system to get accredited under the FSP.

A counselor also has a Master’s degree but is not accredited with FSP. 

As I completed my studies in the USA, I was trained as a psychotherapist (AMFT) over there. The Swiss system functions differently from the American system and I thus pursued the path of “counselor” or “psychological coaching” over here. I am accredited by the Swiss Association for Counselling (SGfB) and am bound by their code of ethics (click here to access it).