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Ways of Blooming

Holistic Psychological Counseling

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

-Carl Jung

Hi, I'm Anabelle

My journey to become a therapist began with my desire to better understand humans, their emotions and their struggles, as well as a desire to know myself better. 

I believe in the power of human connection, living in our truth, facing our shadows and our wounds. All of it with the intention of having a better, more meaningful life. 

If you’re here reading this, you’re probably dissatisfied with some aspects of your life, or you’re looking for more, looking to go deeper. It can be a very vulnerable place, and yet also very fruitful because it means growth and change can occur. 

What is important to me is to get to know you, and what you are currently struggling with, and to form a team oriented towards your growth and fulfillment. I will honor you as an individual with a unique story, while also drawing from my training and tools to help you identify and shift some unhelpful patterns, that as humans we can get stuck in. 

In my off time I enjoy dancing, baking, exercise, writing poems and reading up on everything psycho-spiritual. I also continue to pursue further training and personal development, as I believe it is an essential part of this work.

You can read more about my personal background by clicking here.

I am fully bilingual and offer sessions in French or English. 



Present – Holistic counselor, Ways of Blooming, Genève.

Present – Psychological consultant, Nilo Health, online.

2020-2021 – Psychotherapist associate, La Cheim Behavioural Health Services (CA, USA)

2020-2021 – Psychotherapist associate, Seeds of Awareness (CA, USA)

2019-2020 – Psychotherapist trainee, Integral Counseling Center (CA, USA)


2020 – M.A in ‘Integral Counseling Psychology’, California Institute of Integral Studies (CA, USA)

2017 – BSc Psychology, City University (London)


American Counseling Association (ID#6623493)

ASCA (RCC number: F246464) 

Swiss Association for Counselling (SGfB) 

Further trainings

Interpersonal neurobiology from the inside out, online course by Dr. Daniel Siegel

Somatic experiencing (weekend workshop) with Dr. Peter Levine

Exploring modern relationships, a workshop with Esther Perel

Feminine Devotion, a journey with Om Rupani, Agnes Michael & Gillian Pothier

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“The curious paradox is that when  I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

-Carl Rogers

Therapy for adults and teens

(from 12 years old)

Some of the areas I can help you with:



-Social anxiety

-Feelings of shame


-People pleasing/ co-dependency

-Self esteem issues

-High Sensitivity

-Immigration/expat issues

-Relationship issues/intimacy

-Women’s issues

-Life purpose/ spirituality

My approach

I believe all parts of you deserve to be seen: the light and fun ones, the dark and messy ones, and everything in between.

I work from an integrative/holistic approach, which means I include your mind and body in our work, and I see you as a multi-faceted being. I draw from multiple modalities, including Humanistic person centered, trauma sensitive somatic approaches, Parts work, and Psychodynamic psychology. Mostly, this work is about making connections between what happened and what is present in the now, while accessing inner resources and tools to shift unhelpful patterns. 

I believe each individual is unique, and therefore requires individualized care. The most important ingredient in this work is the trusting relationship formed between therapist and client. Research has shown it is the single most important factor in the success of therapy! This means your feedback will always be welcome. 

Most of all, I hold a non-judgmental and accepting space for you. There is nothing too weird to talk about. I am a human in the room with you, and even though I am here to assist growth, this is your time and space. I will be your interactive companion on this journey.


Let's talk

Contact info

Currently offering in person or video sessions


30 Boulevard Helvétique, 1207 Geneva





(I offer a free 20 min phone consultation to assess if we are the right fit.)




“The shadow is the greatest teacher for how to come to the light.”

-Ram Dass

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