Personal background

I am a Swiss national and grew up in Geneva where I resided until college.

As a sensitive child, school years were often not easy for me, and I struggled with self esteem issues and social anxiety. I later came to realize that I could have benefitted from psychological counseling during that time, but seeking such help often comes with stigma, and the opportunity didn’t come up. 

Avid to understand the workings of our world and in search for meaning, I  became interested by philosophical and spiritual inquiries as a teenager, and it was a natural progression for me to pursue Psychology studies.

Before starting my Bachelor degree in London, I had the chance to travel to Peru where I volunteered as a teaching assistant for young children. Given this was my first solo trip abroad, it felt a bit like an initiatory trip, and opened me up to the discovery of a vastly different culture and living experience. 

Later on, I yet again had a calling of the heart to go live abroad, in the US, where I completed my Masters degree in counseling psychology. These years were a mixture of deep growth, adventure, love, and deep grief. Adapting to a new culture was difficult and confusing, and yet it was also a period of great transformation in learning to love myself better and heal some of the shame that had been living in my body. My own therapy experience helped me be more comfortable with accepting all my feelings, being vulnerable, and being in connection to others as well as learning the tools needed to regulate myself when in distress. 

I understand what it takes to stretch out of our comfort zone, practice self inquiry and yearn for depth, and I hold deep respect for anyone who pursues this path.

Throughout my years abroad,  I came to understand that while we are all linked by our common humanity, we also all see the world through vastly different perspectives, and those perspectives inform the beliefs we hold, which in turn inform the experience we have in the world.

It is both through our beliefs as well as our somatic and unconscious memory that we form the behaviors that lead us through daily life.

I am now back to my home country, and honored to be able to offer services that are often immensely needed. It is a great privilege to do this work, and wherever you are from, thank you for being here. 

I would be honored to work with you

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