Counseling Methods

Person-centered Rogerian

Carl Rogers was the founder of person centered therapy, which focuses on the individual and their needs, with the understanding that the therapeutic relationship is at the center of the healing process. This means I will see you as a unique individual and we will form therapeutic goals together based on your unique needs. Empathy and unconditional positive regard are essential components of this therapy process. 

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Cognitive therapy focuses on the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. We all have automatic and negative thoughts from time to time, but people who struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues particularly struggle with distorted thinking. Together we will explore the internal dialogue that is contributing to your suffering, and change the relationship you have to your thoughts. 

Somatic mindfulness

Mindfulness is the moment to moment exploration of your sensations, thoughts and feelings, free of judgment. I use the body (somatic awareness) to help access the felt sense, because it informs us about your true self, and can contribute to a better understanding of who you are, your patterns, as well as facilitate the acceptance and healing of painful experiences. I also have an array of mindfulness tools that we can practice together, so that you can incorporate them in your daily life, and feel more grounded and present. 

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Parts work

Parts work is based on the assumption that we all possess multiplicities (or “parts”) inside of our body and psyche. The parts that constitute who we are all play an important role for us in the creation of our identity. However, when we are stuck or struggling it can mean that some parts are overfunctioning, while others are underfunctioning. Working with our parts promotes growth and healing by resolving the potential conflicts that they carry. 

Attachment theory

Based on John Bowlby’s work, attachment theory illuminates the way we form bonds with primary attachment figures as infants, which then impacts the way we form bonds as adults. I will help you explore your past and present relational patterns and give you tools to navigate challenging relational dynamics. I also am sensitive to the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and aim to create a safe space where your feedback is always welcomed. 

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