(12 years old +)

Teenage years can often be quite challenging and confusing. So much is changing, and teenagers must grapple not only with the demands of school, but also with the task of starting to build an identity of their own, informed of course by their upbringing and their home life but also in alignment with who they truly are. Peers and social life become increasingly important in the construction of an identity, and yet they can also bring about strong insecurities as the pressure of fitting in and belonging is so prevalent.

 Teens can often end up feeling overwhelmed,  perhaps even lonely, as they navigate complex dynamics both at school and at home. This is even more true for teens who are more sensitive than average and who might struggle to feel understood or to communicate their true feelings. 

Therapy can be a safe space for a teen to start revealing their true self in the presence of a trusting witness who helps them unpack the various stressors of their life, while also providing containment and tools that can aid in the regulation of emotions and the better management of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. More than anything, I believe that having a trusting companion to help them journey through their rich inner lives can make a big difference to ease the discomfort of this unique period in life. 

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