COuples counseling

Couples generally find themselves in therapy because their relationship is not what it used to be. Perhaps you feel disconnected from one another, perhaps you struggle to communicate effectively, perhaps you both feel misunderstood and lonely, or you are going through a big life transition. These issues might have surfaced recently or have been going on for many years. It’s also possible things are not that bad, but you still want to improve the relationship and make things even better.

Whatever the reason you decided to take this step, there might be some apprehension over what this process will look like.

My work is informed by my training as a holistic counselor, grounded in attachment theory as well as by the Gottman approach. I have completed Level 2 Gottman training, which is an evidence-based approach to couples counseling founded by Dr. John and Julie Gottman (

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What does the process look like?

Couples sessions last 80 minutes. The first session is a joint session where I will ask both partners about their perspective regarding the issue, and we will also go over the history of the relationship.

The second sessions are individual sessions, where I meet with each partner individually (typically 40 min.) to get a better idea of their perspective, and their personal history, which helps get a better picture of the relational dynamic.

The third and subsequent sessions are joint sessions again. Together, we will form realistic goals for the treatment and move towards both of you better understanding each other and feeling more connected in the relationship. Past the assessment stage, each session will be unique, but always with the aim to deepen your understanding, connection and love toward one another as well as to resolve the patterns that get in the way of a fulfilling relationship.

The fee for 80 min couples sessions is 180 chf.